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Celebrating people who are benefitting from a holistic diet and lifestyle. 

Read the success stories of my clients and listen to their experiences here. 

An Insightful Ambassador for Ayurveda......

Thanks to Vijaya’s attention to detail, I have been able to pacify my doshas to a great extent.

I have been a follower of Ayurveda for the past three years and have even been to a retreat but even they didn’t ask as many questions as Vijaya nor did they diagnose my health problems so well.


Vijaya’s detailed explanation has enhanced my motivation to use Ayurveda in my daily life to improve my health!!

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/// Shefali Bhasin

I found Vijaya to be very calm and patient, she took time to understand and evaluate my condition. She then explained in detail the reasons for my issues and suggested a treatment. Her suggestions were practical and doable and made positive changes to my life.


I would highly recommend her. Wishing you all the best Vijaya!


/// Rabina Gupta

Vijaya did an astrology reading for my husband and me at a time where we had lost our way. We had lost my mother and then lost my newborn son and we didn’t know how to accept it or to move on.

Vijaya not only explained to us what our astrology reading showed but also told us things we could do differently in our lives to help strengthen the powers of the planets which were weak. This gave us a sense of direction and hope. After feeling that the world was against us, Vijaya helped us to see that we still have lots to live for.

She has truly helped us to change our lives for the better and I am sure that we wouldn’t be in the better, more hopeful position if it wasn’t for her reading and in-depth explanations.

Thank you for all your help.

///Tanita Patel

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