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What to expect in my Ayurveda Consultation?

"Healthy Body, Healthy Mind, Happy Soul"

Ayurveda means  'Science of Life". I provide a natural and holistic diet and Lifestyle consultancy that’s suitable for your body type. Please note that this is not in lieu of your General Physician’s advice. For any specific diseases, you need to consult your GP.


Ayurveda is a holistic system that uses the following five aspects to achieve dosha balance; Diet, Herbs, Massages, Yoga, and Lifestyle. 

Prakriti refers to the physical and emotional traits that we’re born with. Prakriti doesn’t change in our life. After birth, our physiological functions and emotions get affected by the experiences that we go through in our life and the environment that we live in. That altered state is called Vikriti. I can determine your Vikriti either in person via pulse diagnosis and other means. Or if you cannot see me in person,  I can determine your Virkirit via a questionnaire and tongue diagnosis using a video call. I will then prepare a therapy plan that’s customized to you to bring the body and mind back to their balanced, natural state. 

I will share your therapy plan via email followed by a video call that we can set up at a mutually convenient time to explain the same. 


Jyotish, aka Vedic Astrology, means 'Light on Consciousness". Jyotish includes the study of astronomy, astrology, and the science of timekeeping based on the movement of the celestial bodies. 

Our lives are not fatalistic. They’re not predetermined. But our journey has got certain paths and a few possibilities. Horoscope is like a map of that path. Using the techniques and tools of Vedic Astrology, I will explain the possibilities that you’ve got in a chosen domain and give you some tips that you can utilize to reach your goals. An analogy would be to say that destiny sets the stage. I will explain to you the characteristics of that stage and you will use your free will to decide how to perform on that stage.

What will I NOT provide in my readings? I will not predict specific events. The purpose of a Vedic Astrology reading is the remedy, not a prediction. My objective is to bring to light your hidden strengths and areas of improvement. Based on the karmic patterns of your life as per Jyotish, I will give you some practical tips on how to maximize your potential while working around the challenges. 

What to expect in my Vedic Astrology Readings?

"Discover Yourself -Pin Your Destiny''


What to expect in my Life Skills sessions?

"Upskill yourself - Realise Your Potential"

When I do Astrology readings and Ayurveda Consultations, I also provide certain practical remedies/suggestions. From Ayurveda perspective, they can be lifestyle-related changes and from the Astrology perspective, such suggestions can be aimed at grabbing the potential upcoming opportunities or to prepare for the potential challenging times ahead.


Once we understand the path ahead from the Astrology side or once we understand our physical and emotional traits from Ayurveda Perspective, we need some practical tools to prepare for our life journey accordingly. In these practical skills sessions, I teach a few basic tools that one can utilise  on day to day basis; such as 'How to prepare Personal Financial Statements?", "Personal SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses/Areas of improvement, Opportunities, Threats/Challenges) Analysis" and "Technology/Time Management Skills"

I offer these sessions to select clients at a discount rate. If you're interested in these sessions, please drop me a mail to book the same. 

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